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What is Trinity?


A state-of-the-art solution deployed completely remotely, allowing access to advanced collaboration tools for more effective working”


Are you getting the most out of your business telephone system and IT network? Chances are, like most others, you are not. Perhaps your systems don’t offer the flexibility you strive for, maybe productivity is down and you are looking for a way to spark your staff into life, or you may just be sick of losing your own time maintaining your company’s IT. You want Rymote Trinity.

Trinity is an all in one office solution that provides a high quality VoIP telephone system, an IT network, and a monitoring service. Put yourself in line with enterprise companies and benefit from the cutting edge technology that previously only they could afford.

Trinity has been designed from the ground up to help you get the most out of your business. You can profit from an increase in productivity by using features such as Cisco Jabber to enable staff collaboration. A Bring Your Own Device ready network enables employees to use devices that they are comfortable with, both in the office and at home. On top of this, Trinity is built on a secure and reliable infrastructure ensuring your business has the platform it needs to succeed.

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The Trinity Package


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Stratus: Communications and Collaboration. Stratus is the telephony element of Trinity delivering high quality VoIP via the cloud. Features that were only available to the enterprise businesses are now available for everyone with Stratus.

Synapse: The Network. Synapse is the networking component of Trinity which provides secure internet connectivity on any device. With Synapse you can implement BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) allowing you to work with your own tablet or Smartphone increasing the productivity of your team, safe in the knowledge that all of your data is protected.

Sentry: The Monitoring Solution. Sentry is Rymote’s monitoring service, which gives you an in depth insight into any of your networking equipment.¬†This will allow you to prevent problems before they even arise providing a proactive attitude to your upkeep rather than reactive.

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Features and Benefits

  • Access to Cisco Jabber and WebEx
  • Fully secure voice and data
  • Remotely deployed
  • Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) ready
  • Enterprise features on demand
  • Completely flexible, scalable, and reliable
  • Self sufficient, automatically updating hardware
  • Ideal for remote working with any device
  • Keep your existing number
  • Latest technology at your fingertips
  • Futureproof system
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Get the features you need

  • Jabber and WebEx collaboration tools
  • Call recording
  • Activity reporting
  • BYOD ready
  • Fully integrated system
  • Real time monitoring and alerts
  • Full Unified Communications platform
  • Cloud-managed¬†infrastructure
  • …and many more

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