Sony Hack and Your IT Security Testing

January 14, 2015
by Alex Tough

Sony’s secure system was hacked late last year by an unknown source, the employees hacked screen involved a digital image of a skull with a message threatening to expose “secrets” from data acquired in a refined hack. Speculation throughout media suggested the hack was conducted due to the newly produced Sony Pictures movie “The Interview”,¬†starring James Franco and Seth Rogan, where two tabloid show presenters land an interview with a surprising fan Kim Jong-un, only to be recruited by the CIA where the interview soon turns into an assassination. A hacking group called Guardians of Peace (GOP) claimed responsibility for the attacks, although speculation suggested North Korea could be behind the attacks as a North Korean foreign minister claimed the production of the movie was an “Act of Terrorism”.

The original hack mainly exposed embarrassing personal details about celebrities, although later it escalated where hackers were threatening cinemas who would later show the controversial film on the planned release date of 25th December.

What Does This Mean For Other Businesses?

Well currently any businesses that witnessed what has happened to Sony will now want to test their current network security and maybe even find better network engineering services to help protect themselves from any attacks against them. By using the network engineering services of a CCNA certified engineer, it for one ensures that professional and thorough IT system security testing occurs for the overall IT solution. These higher trained individuals are required to gain more knowledge throughout lifelong learning which can overall make problem solving quicker and easier for the client. So for example seeing the hacks against Sony might scare other businesses enough to want to pay for the best job, knowing the network solution would be solved quicker and more efficiently.

However businesses don’t always have to pay for the expensive package of using a certified network engineer to build a defence on their system, there are other methods which can help their system security. For example doing simple things like educating their own employees; this can ensure they do not share sensitive data through any unsecured connections within the company. Another way a company can minimize any threats is by creating a security policy; this oversees how employees use their computers and can monitor internet usage, which could be what sites they visit and managing what is downloaded on their computers.

What does this mean for your IT Security testing?

Like I previously explained regarding the stance on businesses at the moment, network engineering will be in demand due to the recent hacking attacks on Sony. The news has made the public more aware of hacking recently by groups such as Anonymous or Lizard Squad attacking businesses and social media accounts. Now businesses will want trained engineers to help them counteract this problem and create a defence against people hacking their systems. So as well as work rising for networking services there will also be a need for more certified engineers, which in turn means there will be more people looking to get CCNA and CCNP certifications for themselves.

Well to overlook the above the Sony hacking has made businesses wake up about the real consequences of what can happen once their system has been hacked, it can really help companies to secure their network with certified engineers as well as using basic security techniques, like setting up security policies. But overall you want the best protection money can buy against hackers, some will stop at nothing until they’ve reached their goal of penetrating a system, best advice would be to find professional network engineering services!