Man arrested during Cyber Crime Operation

March 06, 2015
by Alex Tough

POLICE have arrested a man in Wearside as part of a national crackdown on cyber crime.

Northumbria Police have arrested man in Wearside as part of a national crackdown on cyber crime.He was arrested on suspicion of gaining unauthorised access to computer material after an allegation that a company website had been hacked back in January.

The activity is part of Operation Bloodleaf and was carried out by cyber investigators from NERSOU. It forms part of the National Crime Agency (NCA) ‘cyber crime week’ where the NCA, together with officers from law enforcement.

A NERSOU spokesperson said: “We’re delighted to have been working with the NCA as part of their national operation to  tackle cybercrime. “Although this is part of a week long push it will continue as daily business for police forces throughout the country.

“Our aim is to root out those cyber criminals who are taking satisfaction from bringing down organisational networks, hacking into people’s systems, and deploying sophisticated malware to leave systems vulnerable.

“I would urge communities and businesses across the region to start to become cyber smart. Update your passwords and anti-virus regularly, and never open an unsolicited e-mail or attachment because that could leave your network vulnerable to attack”

National arrests too!

Police forces across the UK have arrested 56 people on suspicion of computer hacking offences, following a week-long strike carried out by the National Crime Agency in partnership with the FBI.

Yahoo cyber attack

As part of the NCA’s latest sting, a 21-year-old man was arrested in London on suspicion of being part of the D33Ds Company hacking collective, who are believed to have been behind a 2012 cyberattack on Yahoo, which saw the theft of more than 400,000 email addresses and passwords which were later published online.

The NCA’s “strike week” saw 25 operations carried out across the UK and those arrested are suspected of being involved in a range of cybercrimes, including data theft, fraud and creating computer viruses.

Specialist officers from regional organised crime squads worked with the Metropolitan Police, the NCA and the National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU) to make the 56 arrests. The biggest operation took place in London and Essex and saw 25 people arrested on suspicion of using the internet to steal money, launder cash and carry out other frauds.

The NCA said how its week-long operation “illustrates that cybercrime has no national boundaries… we are not only targeting those who attack the UK public and businesses. The NCA has worked in collaboration with the FBI and DoD, Defence Criminal Investigations Service to investigate and pursue those in the UK who conduct their cyber criminality both nationally and internationally”.

What does this mean for Cyber Security?

The FBI and the NCA are cracking down hard on those who commit cybercrime, like previously mentioned those who hack aren’t just doing it in their own country they’re hacking websites internationally. Hackers have broken the law for an extensive period and now those responsible are receiving justice for their crimes. Seeing this locally shows that the threat is real and can affect anyone, but this also shows that something is finally being done about hacking. National agencies and local authorities are working side by side to arrest and protect those involved with hacking.

…Maybe this is a start to tighten up Cyber Security?