Local Charities to Benefit from Connection Voucher Scheme

February 20, 2015
by Alex Tough

The connection voucher scheme is here to help local charities that wish to have extra speedy broadband. This scheme comes as an extension from 2014 where the UK government have given out grants to SME’s, charities and Social Enterprise who wish to upgrade their broadband to superfast.

So far the scheme, launched in 2013, has allowed over 3,000 small to medium enterprises to get superfast broadband from a range of ISPs. The voucher is usually enough to pay for most, if not all, of the up-front connection costs and as it is a grant, the recipient won’t have to pay it back, paying only the VAT, any amount over £3,000, and the monthly connection subscription cost.

Why bother with Connection Vouchers?

We are looking forward to seeing Sunderland companies taking advantage of this incredible new government scheme to help boost their broadband capabilities. There are also other advantages to upgrading your broadband to superfast;

  • Improved reliability of service.
  • Better communication with customers and staff.
  • Reduced costs through more efficient working.
  • Improved data storage and accessibility.
  • Higher speed upload and download for large files.
  • Take a look at how connection vouchers boosted a Newcastle based company!

Who’s Eligible for Connection Vouchers?

Are you looking for any of the following; Connection Vouchers Sunderland? We can deliver this scheme to you but first you need to;

  1. You need to be a registered charity.
  2. Your connection is for your business premises only, you can however apply for a connection at home if that is your work base but not if you occasionally work from home.
  3. Have broadband installation that will cost over £100 and willing to sign up to a minimum of a 6 month contract with the broadband supplier.
  4. You have not received more than £120,000 in grants in the last 3 years.

What Happens Next?

Once your new connection is in place, you will need to pay any costs on the supplier’s invoice that are not covered by the voucher (for example VAT or costs above the voucher value). Then submit the supplier’s invoice to the council along with the claim form to claim the voucher value.

To do this you can either fill in the form below or visit our Connection Vouchers page to find out more Information.

Hurry, Connection Vouchers are available for a limited time only, so start applying today.

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