Meraki Dashboard Mobile App – What You Need To Know

May 28, 2014
by Anthony Tempest

Far from just being the latest gadgets, mobile devices are increasingly becoming a primary tool for IT administrators. Companies now need their IT management tools on their mobile devices – so Cisco Meraki have responded to this need and introduced the Cisco Meraki dashboard mobile app.

The app, quite simply, extends cloud management of Meraki wireless networks to mobile devices for on the move IT management. They have extended the dashboard and optimised it’s performance for mobile devices – so users will find it has a similar look (that they may be used to) but will experience a better and faster service, particularly on small devices. The new app can be downloaded from the App store and has now been made available to Android users as well.

What does it do?

The app gives you cloud management on multiple devices and for multiple sites. Network management using the app works as well as it does on the web and you can view the status of wireless networks, identify healthy or offline access points, see the details of any access point on the network and verify connectivity, usage and settings.

Faster deployment

The Meraki dashboard mobile app makes it easier to add new access points and uses mobile specific features such as barcode scanning, camera and GPS to automatically connect a new access point to the cloud and to the network. (See the website for further details).

Network summary

All the important information about your network is presented in a neat summary page so you can more easily track daily, weekly and monthly usage and identify any factors that you could improve to maximise performance of your network.

Further developments

The Meraki dashboard mobile app is now available for Android devices and Cisco Meraki plan to add more features such as monitoring MS switches and MX Security Appliances.

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