Purple WiFi: The Big Secret of Digital Marketing That the Pros Don’t Want You to Know

July 28, 2014
by Anthony Tempest

The Art of Wireless Marketing

Purple WiFi are the artists in a wireless marketing world. Their software is the brush stroke that creates a detailed picture of a customer’s actions, who they are, where they’ve been and what their favourite  location is. This picture is then used to provide relevant and interesting content to the customer, such as a voucher or marketing content for a nearby shop. The content can be pushed to the demographic it’s most relevant to. Got a shop with the newest summer clothing range for the young ones among us? Send that out to the 18-25 year old demographic. With Purple WiFi, you can tailor your content specifically to the people who are in the vicinity of your wireless connections. Until you’ve got Purple WiFi operational, you can’t finish your marketing masterpiece.

Purple WiFi Features

1. Wireless Analytics – Purple WiFi analytics provides real-time customer data and insight. Your customers tell a story and the analytics from Purple WiFi will help you read it.

2. Wireless Marketing – The information collected by Purple WiFi allow you to identify and segment your audience. This enables you to send tailored campaigns, drive customer loyalty, and generate repeat custom/sales. This is a very powerful tool for e-marketing, using real-time data and behavioural information to send the right message to the right individual.

3. Presence Analytics –  Understand your customers better. Whether they’re a new or repeat customer, Purple WiFi will show you the footfall by hour, how loyal your customers are and much more, even if they don’t connect to the wireless network. You could trigger messages as customers move into different areas if you wanted to.

4. Social WiFi – Let people log onto your WiFi by Facebook or other social media sites. You can ask for a like, which most people will be happy to provide for free WiFi. This gives you imediate social media engagement with your customers.

5. WiFi Security & Legal – Offering public WiFi comes with many obligations. Thankfully, Purple WiFi have the answer. They provide a secure way to log in to the guest WiFi service, which is separated from the business WiFi in order to protect your private network.

6. Content Filtering – The internet can be a scary place and you want to make sure that vulnerable users aren’t exposed to the bad parts. You can make sure that your service is family friendly by blacklisting URLs that you don’t want people to have access to.

7. Global and Multilingual – Purple WiFi software works across the globe. With a large number of languages already supported, the product can be deployed almost anywhere.

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