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March 05, 2015
by Alex Tough

“To help Middlesbrough businesses understand better about broadband types, we will explain each technique. This will help to get the best out of your Connection Vouchers!”

There’s an enormous range of acronym-heavy technologies available to business broadband customers – ADSL, SDSL,  and wireless to name but a few. The consequences of choosing the wrong access technology for your business could be an unnecessary bill running to tens of thousands of pounds.

So to help Middlesbrough businesses understand better about broadband types, we will explain each technique. This will help to get the best out of your Connection Vouchers!

Types of Broadband


An Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, to give it its snappy full title, connects to the internet via a BT telephone exchange. ADSL technology converts your telephone line into a high-speed digital connection that completely blows away the speeds capable via old dial-up modems.

To do this you need a microfilter that plugs into your telephone socket; it’s a special sort of splitter that separates your voice call from your broadband data. This normally comes included with your broadband package and means you can still receive calls while online – the other big disadvantage of the older dial-up internet services.


There have been a host of cable companies around the UK over the years that slowly amalgamated into two: NTL and Telewest. These then merged, and were rebranded Virgin Media in 2007 (which was in turn bought by US cable giant Liberty Global in 2013).

Cable offers an alternative way to hook up not only your broadband, but also your telephone and TV services. It ignores any BT connection, running a whole new cable into your home – if you’re in a cabled area, of course. As mentioned above, cable is only available to about half of the population, so be sure to check you can get it in your business before considering it.


has also started to convert its old copper network to fibre-optic and its super-fast ‘Infinity’ broadband, offering speeds of either 38Mb or 76Mb. It is being rolling it out at a good rate, with BT aiming for two-thirds of the UK to be covered by 2015.

The speeds are roughly comparable to Virgin’s cable network, as are the services available.  The advantage of a fibre connection over copper is the signal doesn’t degrade so much the further you are from the telephone exchange

If you want to know more about these services, click through for our BT FIbre broadband buyer’s guide or our comparison of All Fibre broadband deals 

Wireless access

Where broadband cannot be delivered via telephone or cable, it may be available using wireless technology. Local WiFi hotspots are increasingly available, and are often provided in airports, hotels, cafes, pubs and motorway service stations. Some operators also offer mobile phone style ‘roaming’ facilities. Worldwide interoperability for microwave access (Wi-max) is a fast-emerging alternative to WiFi and makes it possible to provide broadband to areas where other technology is unsuitable.

One service we can offer is to install purple WiFi. This allows your customers to use your internet connection ‘wirelessly’ and for no fee. To use your WiFi they must sign in using their social media accounts. More info on purple WiFi can be found here.

Leased lines

Larger businesses or businesses with specialist data requirements may want to consider other options offered by business internet service providers, such as a dedicated ‘point-to-point’ leased line connection. Leased lines provide higher bandwidths, and better security and privacy over a line that is used exclusively by the purchasing business.

Each broadband connection method has their benefits and drawbacks. You should consider your options carefully. When looking at broadband packages, it might be helpful to think about:

  • your location, as not all broadband deals will be available in your area
  • your usage requirements, including bandwidth and speed needs, for now and for future growth
  • your budget, factoring in set up fees, monthly line rental and contract terms and fees

Naked DSL

What makes Naked DSL broadband different to ADSL and ADSL2+ is that you don’t need a separate telephone line service. Your telephone line rental is now incorporated into the Naked DSL service and it often has a VOIP option.

Connection Vouchers

The £3bn investment of Virgin Media’s network upgrade welcomes the Connection Voucher scheme with open arms in the are of Middlesbrough The recent news that the government is extending the voucher scheme until March 2016 allows more companies to upgrade their broadband to superfast speeds.

If you’re a SME that has broadband installation costs over £100 and you’re willing to sign up to a minimum of a 6 month contract with the broadband supplier then we can help. Rymote are proud to be in a position to offer this to our customers, we will provide all the assistance needed to make your business broadband superfast!

Who’s Eligible?

Rymote are in a proud and prestigious position to offer this to businesses across Middlesbrough. We can deliver this scheme to you but first you need to;

  1. Have broadband installation that will cost over £100 and willing to sign up to a minimum of a 6 month contract with the broadband supplier.
  2. You need to be an SME, registered charity, social enterprise or sole trader.
  3. Your connection is for your business premises only, you can however apply for a connection at home if that is your work base but not if you occasionally work from home.
  4. You have not received more than £120,000 in grants in the last 3 years.

What’s Next?

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