5 ways Business Centres Could Improve Their Service

November 19, 2018
by Al Yong

The world of the business centre is certainly changing. Adapting to changing business models and economics has created a new set of challenges for today’s business centre managers and managed office administrators. Here are five easy to understand methods to improve business centre services. Have a look and see if you agree.

1. Be Transparent

List all of your service charges. Be clear about what tenants can expect to pay. A good tenant will be planning their budget for everything from rent to paperclips. By producing a set menu of service charges for everything that isn’t included in the rent, tenants can plan ahead without fear of hidden costs lurking around the corner.

2.  Be Open

Regular communications with tenants is important. Avoid only providing communiques about the centre’s operations. Get involved and be approachable by using empty meeting rooms to host a networking event and by using a newsletter, allow businesses to promote themselves amongst each-other and to a wider audience. You never know… this could be an even better way to attract new tenants as well. An ideas box also helps to break down barriers and get people talking for a happier environment.

3. Be Flexible

Flexible terms and workspace is becoming an increasingly sought-after feature of a business centre. Prospective tenants like to know that they can scale up effectively and sometimes down as well. If you’re not offering virtual space as well, you are potentially missing out on a great source of revenue.

4. Be Generous

Its the little things in life that help you breathe a sigh of relief. Don’t take for granted being able to offer a guest to the centre some dedicated parking spaces, small easy to book meeting rooms and a social area. Access to pre-installed AV equipment a cafe and guest access to the internet can also make a huge impact. A concierge/receptionist is also a great way of boosting your value to prospective tenants and giving visitors and guests that warm feeling.

5. Be Digital

Think fast, think very fast. The life blood of the modern business is internet speed and reliability. Ensure that you are able to provide the fastest and most reliable internet access to your tenants and visitors. Advertise your speeds and get tenants to vouch for the reliability off your service. Don’t be surprised if you’re asked about whether your services are also secure and even GDPR compliant.

Is your business centre eligible for the Gigabit Vouchers scheme? It could be worth up to £3000 per tenant.

Rymote is a registered supplier of the DCMS (Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport) Gigabit Voucher Scheme. Through the scheme, we provide:

  • Fastest speeds available anywhere. Up to 50 x faster than existing providers.
  • Latest and most reliable security environment (constantly monitored and upgraded).
  • Designed to grow with you and your tenants.
  • Generate extra revenue with scalable bandwidth.

To find out if you are eligible, call Al Yong on 0191 580 8858 or E-mail me at aly@rymote.com